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Years of practice of yoga and pilates taught me how to find freedom and joy in movement, how to uncover the inner sources for happiness and self-confidence, how to be mindful in my own body and through it in life. All this I want to share with you.

Currently I teach yoga and pilates in Berlin. Long practice of Iyengar yoga and dynamic yoga styles has had an impact on my teaching style – my classes are versatile: physically and mentally challenging, yet relaxing and revitalizing. Through strong foundation in pilates and functional movement, in my classes I focus on the correct anatomical orientation in a position (asana). Very probable that you will get a lot of hands-on-adjustments.

Through a regular practice you feel the effect – rise in your physical and mental fitness, balance and inner peace and most of all – satisfaction of living in your body.

On this website you will find my current teaching schedule and a calendar, where you can register for a class. Browse the journal for more articles on yoga, pilates, wellness and mindful living.







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