Most people have no idea how good
is their body designed to feel.

I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.


My journey on the path of yoga began in 2012. That year was a moving year for me: I quit my job at SAP as an IT Consultant and went to Argentina without any plan. Those three years in this marvelous country were filled with many questions and sometimes a desperate search for my vocation.

In Buenos Aires I had the first touch with yoga. At first, it was just a physical practice to me: I became stronger and discovered muscles I never thought I had. Later on, another perspective of yoga revealed itself to me – the body-mind connection. Yoga opened a space of silence and harmony, from which I could draw strength and enthusiasm for my life.



Back in Berlin I’ve been practicing different yoga styles, from dynamic and powerful ones like Vinyasa and Ashtanga, to more meditative styles like Yin Yoga. At some point I was ready to get a deep dive, so I decided to get certified in India in the classical Hatha Yoga.

After a back injury caused by an uncareful move during my yoga practice, I found the Pilates method and was thrilled with the results of the training. The precision and subtlety that characterizes Pilates training has given me a new level of body awareness. Moreover, through training of neglected muscle groups, I got rid of my back injury. In 2017, I completed the Pilates Comprehensive teacher training (520h). Today I teach Yoga and Pilates in Berlin and unite the potencies of yoga and pilates in my own teaching style.

I am a lifelong student.

There is no destination point to arrive. But there is a present moment. In this present moment we can feel good in our bodies: strong, flexible, healthy, confident, yet calm and peaceful. There is a strong interlink between the body and mind. One doesn’t exist without the other. We can learn to observe present emotions and discover new ways to deal with them and through them find to freedom and happiness. All this I found through my own practice and want to share these tools with you.